Every once in a while I have a new realization about myself.  My latest is that I don’t like people.  Well okay, to be totally honest, I like some people… I just don’t like most people.  Well honestly there is a not so small list of things that turn me off about certain people:

I don’t like…

  • people who are fake
  • people who are focused on social climbing
  • people who don’t have their shit together
  • people who can’t take a joke
  • people who are stupid
  • people who can’t understand sarcasm… and appreciate it’s finer points
  • people who have to always be talking
  • people who are judgmental about things they don’t understand
  • people who can’t spell
  • people who think the world owes them something
  • people who whine
  • people who don’t like animals
  • people who think they should only do the minimal effort to get by
  • people who only get their news from Fox
  • people who lie
  • people who bore me
  • people who owe me money

Well anyways… you get the point, although I am sure there are more.  So in the end, I don’t like a lot of people.  Just about any one of those things is enough to make me not like a person.  Perhaps, I am overly judgmental myself, but I feel like I get an accurate read on people very quickly.  Luckily, there are a handful of people  that make it through my filters and are what I call good friends.  Maybe, I am odd, but I do not feel like I am missing out on anything by not having a wide social network of people who fail my criteria.   I would like to say that I am very happy for the friends I do have, and that I appreciate them for making the cut.


Some days I really miss the simplicity of my youth.   I remember needing nothing more than a cool spot in the grass to sprawl out under a big shade tree.  When you are young you think nothing of the potential to get some sort of itchy rash or of the millions of creepy crawly things that are probably swarming under and onto your body while you lay there.   Instead you are swept up by the coolness of the blades, the smell of spring in the air, and the amazing stories you see in the clouds as they drift past your head.   Throw in a companion like my favorite red lab sleeping next to me, and you really didn’t need anything else.   I could lay there for literally hours at a time, sometimes drifting off into a peaceful nap.  The world was right there in front of you with an endless possibility for adventure and nothing but time on your side.

This simple pleasure was a time long before the modern day demands of work, bills, responsibility, and headaches.  Today is a world of haste, constant stimulation, and endless wants.  Technology has enabled a flow of information that is mind deadening.  We have lost the art of relaxation, and taking time to enjoy the simpler things.  Kids today have to have motion and movement in the form of television or video games or they become immediately bored.  Why would they want to lay in the grass? and definitely not without their portable gaming systems?  I personally resisted getting a cell phone until I was 33 years old, a time when I was being ridiculed by my co-workers and friends for being so technologically sophisticated at work, but yet shunning the most “necessary” technology at home.  Today, a mere 3 years after breaking down and buying one I can do just about anything on my phone that I could have done with my PC from three years ago.  Am I better off for it?  I think I am going to put my phone in my nightstand next to my bed, and go lay outside in the grass.

I guess the answer to it is because I like to write, even though I don’t view myself as a very good writer.  I like to challenge myself to do new things.  I always seem to hit a stage right at a year, where I get tired of the old and want to try something new when it comes to blogging.  I battle the fear that nobody is going to read what I have to say, because anything I can say has already been said and probably better than I could ever say it by someone else.  In the past I wrote to entertain.  Either through wit, humor, or taking on people/topics that others viewed as untouchable.  I craved comments and it was the reactions which fueled my drive to write more.  I wrote to an audience through a set formula of sorts.  If they want funny, I tried to give them funny.   If they want drama, lord knows I can create a shitstorm of epic proportion.  In the end though, I think I grew tired of trying to perform for the crowd.  I actually got burned out on writing, because I felt constrained by either the blog or the audience’s expectations.  I have a much wider palette of interests than can be included on any one of my prior blogs.  Therefore, I created a new one.   This one is all mine, and is about anything I want to touch on.  I offer you the reader, zero preconceptions about what this blog is designed to do.  I tell you only, that I feel a need to write again, and I welcome you to join me on my journey.  I will be just as surprised to see where we end up as you.